06 AM | 23 Nov

For The Wandering Book Worm

I have a pretty universal interest in travelling and reading, and I’ve always worn the title of ‘nerd’ with pride. So to call me a book worm isn’t something I ever thought of as an insult in the least. That said, I’m pretty savvy with technology as most young people are these days, but I honestly haven’t always been that wary or had my ear that close to the ground of the technological landscape. It was only in recent years, and surprisingly it was after my years in college (which is probably rare considering that most young people grow and adapt to the newest and most useful technology in their college years more than other times in their lives), when I began to really delve into the broad depths of the technological universe. Lately I’ve dabbled with some fun mobile devices and different applications for them and I’ve discovered the igo primo for andriod. It has some really useful features I haven’t seen in other GPS applications like a tunnel view that allows you to see inside of a tunnel when you’d usually be stuck with a loss of service or some other annoyance that makes GPS feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth!


I love it when a picture can say so much without words, even though I’m a struggling writer who hopes to make his career out of words! © Tina Franklin.

If you asked me when e-readers first came out years ago, ‘what is an e-reader?’ I would have probably just scratched my head and shrugged, without a clue in the world. But as you can see in the photo above, an e-reader is incredibly efficient for space and often enough also on one’s wallet. But that aside, I love being able to travel and have a reliable GPS system like that igo primo to depend on. Better yet, when I have a nice e-reader loaded up with my favorite books and have someone else driving so I can just kick back, relax, and enjoy a long uninterrupted time to catch up on my reading!


Here’s a relatively recent photo of a standard GPS display. Maybe I’m too spoiled but I like newer displays that aren’t quite as pixelated and low-quality in appearance as this one… © Methodshop.com.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get as much reading on the go for those occasional trips to the beach if I’m the one driving, but at least I’ll feel like my commute will be a much more time-efficient and cost-effective one (gas prices are still ridiculous…) thanks to the igo primo!


Ah this is quite the thought provoking little picture, isn’t it? The compass is certainly one of the oldest forms of global positioning you can ever find! © Raymondorta.